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What would happen if you could live forever? If you could bring your loved one back to life and resurrect their digital soul?

Beyond Belief is a powerful and moving journey into the unnerving future of life and death in our social media obsessed, technology blinkered society.

With their trademark, playful physical style Tmesis explore how we cope with loss in the digital age and how we won't ever let Elvis die.

'[Tmesis Theatre] always stand out. With their latest production, they are simply out-standing'
Wirral Globe

'Rich with the company's trademark sinuous sections of movement, and with the narrative which suggests the cast and team share a subversive streak, it provides enteraining - and disturbing - food for thought'
The Stage

'A marvellous production... a true thinking piece and one that touches upon our deepest fears and hopes... a great pleasure to see someone of Chris Fittock's stature address such a particular demanding question'
Liverpool Sound and Vision

'A tremendously effective piece of theatre... There is no excuse for anyone in and around Liverpool not to pay a visit to see this production'
North West End

'A great concept – executed with great talent'
What's Good To Do

Project Info


Produced by:
Tmesis Theatre in association with Unity Theatre Lliverpool and The Arts Centre, Edge Hill University

Directed by:
Elinor Randle

Performed by:
Adam Davies, Jennifer Essex, Eleni Edipidi, Charles Sandford

Designed by:
Stephanie O'Hara

Meike Holzmann

World Premiere:
September 28 - October 6, 2018 at Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Other Performances:
Arts Centre, Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, 12 Oct 2018

Project Website: