The Dreadful Hours


A darkly comic, physically charged drama that exposes the quiet disintegration of love's first flourish through one couple's relationship. What happens when one hour's dinner can seem like years, yet years seem to pass in a heartbeat?

Combining Tmesis Theatre's trademark physicality with new writing from Chris Fittock, this wonderfully inventive production, directed by Peepolykus' master of the ridiculous, Javier Marzan, takes you on an emotional and humorous journey with striking visuals and an original sound design.

"They say good things come in small parcels and this production is lovingly presented... the audience lapped it up"

"Fittock's script is witty, well-observed and remarkably restrained — allowing the silences to express more than words... an exciting and thought-provoking piece of theatre"
Liverpool Daily Post

"The best dance scene this side of John Travolta and Uma Thurman's in Pulp Fiction... a stunning stylised performance"

"Painfully well-observed by Fittock... It's funny but it almost hurts to laugh. A more touching exploration of love you might be hard pressed to find"
Liverpool Live Magazine