Happy Hour


A poignant, fast-paced comedy, exploring our 21st century obsession with happiness and success.

The workers on Level 3 are racing against the clock to reach their quota of Smiley Faces. But are they really happy enough?

Can we learn to be happy? And can our emotions be bought and sold? The 'happiness industry' would have us think so...

"Cleverly put together physical theatre, beautifully thought out choreography and quick witted humour"
North West End

"Tmesis yet again have scored a direct hit... a performance of spectacle and true quality"
Liverpool Sound and Vision

"Packed with madness but beautifully choreographed and brilliantly performed"
Liverpool Arts Scene

"Laugh out loud comedy on display, especially in the choreography, and the show has a big heart"
The Stage

"For those new to physical theatre, Happy Hour will be the show to turn your head"

"Tmesis have done a brilliant job of creating a skewed office comedy that has a good measure of slapstick"
Catalyst Media