That's Amore


An hilarious, fast-paced, passionate and emotional piece of physical theatre which explores the culture of romantic love.

From chance encounters to hidden desires, and emotional extremes to the science of romance, this piece discovers the flesh and philosophy behind what makes our hearts beat faster.

That's Amore combines Tmesis' trademark physicality with stunning visuals, an ensemble of performers and an original score.

"Resembles a Richard Curtis romcom reworked by DV8, and is absolutely full of heart"
The Guardian

"A wild, sinuous, yelping physical trip"
Liverpool Echo

"A fantastic ensemble piece with a fresh approach that conjures up a fantasy world of romantic quests"
The Public Reviews

"Utterly engaging, endlessly watchable... If you want something smart, slick, and cynically uplifting, you won't be disappointed"
Outline Magazine