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Producer / Curator / Director / Dramaturg

2012 marked the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic — a liner with an enduring relationship to its home port of Liverpool.

From the headquarters of its owners, to the homes of its musicians, the memory of the Titanic is part of the memory of the city itself.

The Theatre in the Rough Festival presented a 5-day cultural festival of theatre, live music, art, authors' talks and an historical exhibition, all created locally, to commemorate the anniversary.

The event took particular interest in the Titanic's relationship to the borough of Sefton, and was situated within walking distance of many of the ship's crew, not to mention its captain and owners.

The festival included seven stage plays and seven audio plays, created by young people through workshops with Merseyside Maritime Museum. All were published as an anthology.

It took place at Old Christ Church, Waterloo, from 3 — 7 July, attracting over 1,500 visitors.

Supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Arts Council England and the Unity Theatre Trust.


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Produced by:
Theatre in the Rough Festival

Chris Fittock

Original Music by:
Christopher Johns

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