The Track of the Cat


1900. An isolated ranchhouse in the Sierra Nevada. The Bridges are on the verge of meltdown. A once powerful pioneer family, they are trapped by the early arrival of the first winter storm and an unseen but terrifying black panther destroying their livestock.

Whilst the two eldest sons embark upon a deadly murder-trail to end the veiled cat, the youngest navigates a visit by his fiancée through the dark dynamics of their pious mother and alcoholic father, as the captivating visitor lays bare the dying heart of a crumbling clan.

Meanwhile, the ancient dreams and rituals of their native American manservant embody the devastating consequences upon the Bridges when faced with an inescapable evil that they don't understand.

Set at the end of the silver boom, The Track of the Cat depicts the death-rattle kitchen sink erosion of a once wealthy family when economic collapse occurs, and the effects of man's barbaric materialism upon the natural and spiritual world.

"Wonderfully evocative of Arthur Miller's masterpieces"

"Part Greek chorus, part Lorca's The House of Bernarda Alba... fascinating and quietly seductive"
The Herald