variations of the heart



What happens to our brain, body and heart when we 'fall in love'? Why are we attracted to another person? Is romantic love real, and what happens when that initial passion fades?

Variations of the Heart is a passionate duet between two women: a story of the human heart, its power, and its many variations.

Firstly inspired from Meike Holzmann and Egle Mei's musical project Heart Variations for String Quartet — an incredible story of over thirty people's hearts — this piece is accompanied by music from the project, played live by a string quartet.

'Variations of the Heart is a powerful, tender piece, serious in intent, spirited in execution. It is a delight'
The Public Reviews

'Extraordinary movement... creating a dazzling effect... another triumph for this company'
Liverpool Daily Post

Project Info


Produced by:
Tmesis Theatre

Choreographed by:
Elinor Randle

Performed by:
Eleni Edipidi, Ellen Turner

Caroline Ryder

Costume Designed by:
Shelley Moore (with assistance from Lois Maskell)

from Egle Mei's musical project Heart Variations for String Quartet, composed by Meike Holzmann

Lighting Design by:
Phil Saunders

Novo Quartet:
Simon Jones, Rod Leung, Tommy Geddes, Stephanie Kearley

World Premiere:
November 9, 2013 at Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Other Performances:
Z-arts, Manchester, 20 Feb 2014

Project Website:


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