wolf red by tmesis theatre


Writer / Co-Devisor

Deep in the dark woods, a woman is held prisoner. But is her sinister captor a predator of the body or her mind? Fairytale and reality blur in Wolf Red, a menacing and entertaining exploration into the dark side of human nature.

With skillful physicality and a playful original soundtrack, this solo show from one of the UK's leading physical theatre companies is quirky and disturbingly memorable. With input from renowned international practitioners including the late Nigel Charnock (co-founder DV8), Fin Walker and Lorna Marshall.

Winner of Best Choreography, New York United Solo Festival 2015

'A dark and exhilarating journey of moods and ideas that harnesses physical theatre's rich symbiosis of movement and acting to startling effect'
Total Theatre Magazine

'Wolf Red is a very incredible piece of theatrical art, simply breathtaking and one of the defining moments of physical theatre'

Project Info

2012 — 2015

Produced by:
Tmesis Theatre

Performed by:
Elinor Randle

Directed by:
Yorgos Karamalegos

Dramaturgical Input by:
Nigel Charnock, Lorna Marshall, Fin Walker

Set and Costume Designed by:
Lois Maskell

Sound Design by:
Xenia Bayer

Original Score by:
Meike Holzmann

Lighting Design by:
Arek Chrusciel

World Premiere:
September 26 - 29, 2012 at Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Other Performances:
The Sundial Theatre, Circencester, 17 Oct 2012
Arts Centre, Edge Hill University, 22 Oct 2012
The Lakeside Theatre, Colchester, 25 Oct 2012
mac, Birmingham, 29 Nov 2013
Unity Theatre, Liverpool, 24-25 Jun 2014
Theatre Row, New York, NY, 8 Nov 2015

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